Moor Place

Moor Place is a country estate of over 800 acres, and as the first stage in taking it to market, Foxley Prestige Homes asked us to focus on the Georgian house at its centre. With 19,000 sq ft of accommodation set in 52 landscaped acres, this is already a glorious house, but it has the potential to be transformed into a truly stunning residence for the 21st century.

Our task was to project a vision of how it could look once refurbished, aiming to appeal to wealthy individuals and the overseas market in particular. We were marketing a dream.

We based the brand on a distinctive architectural feature of the house, supported by muted colours and textures. Then, to paint a vivid picture of its potential, we worked closely with an interior designer to produce computer generated images of the main rooms transformed by contemporary design. We used these CGIs in the brochure and advertising, and developed them into a 3-minute video to take viewers on a tour of the imagined interior.

Marketing the house is just the start for the Moor Place project, and we will be investing just as much imagination into marketing a number of other properties on the estate.

Moor Place brochure
Moor Place brochure
Moor Place brochure spread
Moor Place brochure
Moor Place kitchen
Moor Place bathroom
Moor Place brochure
Moor Place website
Moor Place website
Moor Place website
Moor Place website

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